About M.O.M.S

M.O.M.S Petting Zoo, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Port Bolivar, TX, is a family-owned and operated sanctuary designed to create cherished memories and nurture connections with lovable animals. Founded by Brandon and Lindsay Kelly, M.O.M.S came to life inspired by their daughter Willow’s affection for animals and the Kelly family’s passion for petting zoos.

The name M.O.M.S, which stands for Mitchells on Madison, is a heartfelt tribute to their late father, Don Mitchell, who passed away in 2021. Don instilled in them the importance of believing in themselves and making the most of life. In the wake of his passing, the Kelly family embarked on this new adventure, creating a space where people could forge unforgettable memories with their loved ones as the perfect way to honor Don’s legacy.

At M.O.M.S Petting Zoo, every moment shared, every smile exchanged, and every memory made is a testament to the love and wisdom that Don Mitchell imparted to his family, continuing to inspire and touch the lives of countless visitors.

Visitors can immerse themselves in a delightful environment that offers a perfect blend of interactive animal encounters and engaging play zones. Our diverse animal family includes rare breeds of chickens, Nigerian Pygmy Dwarf goats, an adorable mini Zebu cow, a charming mini donkey, and many more captivating creatures. Our play zones feature larger-than-life games, cozy picnic pavilions, and a dedicated toddler creative play area with chalk walls and an interactive music wall.

In addition to providing a magical experience for families, M.O.M.S Petting Zoo is passionate about promoting sustainable living and sharing the surprising benefits of animals like goats and chickens. Through our blog, we share fascinating insights into the incredible world of these creatures, from their environmental contributions to their therapeutic benefits.

M.O.M.S Petting Zoo also hosts a spectacular lineup of special events throughout the year, promising unique experiences and heartwarming moments for visitors of all ages. To stay in the loop and be the first to know about our incredible events, make sure to join our mailing list.

We invite you to join us at M.O.M.S Petting Zoo, where every visit is a new adventure waiting to be discovered, and lasting memories are created with family and friends!