A Guide to the Animals at M.O.M.S Petting Zoo

Hello, animal lovers and adventurers of all ages! Welcome to M.O.M.S Petting Zoo, where every corner is teeming with the wonders of the farm animal kingdom. We want to introduce you to the lovely creatures that call M.O.M.S home. Let’s dive right in and meet our furry, feathered, and scaly friends!

Sulcate Tortoise

Name: Shelley

Fun Fact: Did you know that sulcate tortoises are skilled diggers and often create elaborate burrows to protect themselves from extreme temperatures?

Our precious Shelley is 15 years old! While that may seem old for most animals, her breed of tortoise can live up to 150 years! Keep your eyes peeled while visiting the zoo to see if you can spot some of the holes Shelley likes to dig!

Potbelly Pigs

Names: Hamlet (pictured), Queenie, Little Pig, Babe, and Buttons

Fun Fact: Potbelly pigs are highly intelligent animals that can learn tricks and even be trained to use a litter box!

All our little piggies all came from the same pot-belly pig animal rescue! First, we adopted Hamlet, Queenie, and Little Pig, and they won our hearts from day one! When we saw sisters Babe and Buttons looking for their forever home from the same sanctuary, we knew M.O.M.S was the home for them too!

Mini Lop-Eared Bunnies

Names: Snowflake, Lola, Captain Bolivar, and Oreo (pictured)

Fun Fact: Mini lop-eared bunnies are known for their adorable floppy ears and sweet personalities, making them popular pets all over the world.

Snowflake and Oreo were the first to join the family, with Oreo and Lola two months later! They all quickly became friends and they enjoy playing hide and seek in their sand castle buckets!


Names: Queen Elizabeth, Lucky, Fergie, Princess Diana, and many many more!

Fun Fact: Did you know that chickens have a complex language of clucks, squawks, and cackles that they use to communicate with each other? They’re skilled conversationalists in their own feathery way!

We have several types of chicken breeds at M.O.M.S! In the coop, we have White Crested Black Polish, Easter Eggers, Silkie Bantams, and Silver Cochin Standards. We also have chickens that free-range around the Zoo and hatch baby chicks in the wild! If you see them wandering around, their names are Lucky, Fergie, Princess Dianna, Queen Elizabeth, and her four babies – The Spice Girls!

Nigerian Dwarf Pygmy Goats

Names: Peaches, Penny, Jersey, Peter (Pictured), Billy, Madison, Eve, Adam, Amelia, Stella, Felix, and Oscar, Clara (Pictured), Beatrice, and Heidi

Fun Fact: Goats are excellent climbers and can jump up to five times their own height in a single leap!

Our precious goats are the life force behind M.O.M.S Petting Zoo! Adam, Eve, and Madison were the first babies born at the Petting Zoo and are the current superstars of the baby goat encounter area with their friends Amelia, Stella, Felix, and Oscar!

Then, of course, we have our momma goats, who not only love on our guests daily but also provide us with milk that is the core of our Goat’s Milk Soap that we make and sell on-site!


Names: The March Sisters – Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy

Fun Fact: Sheep have excellent memories and can remember faces for years, recognizing familiar humans or other animals.

If you have visited M.O.M.S, then you have heard the March sisters! They are always so thrilled to see you that they must holler to let you know! They also do everything together and move as a unit! It’s always fun to watch them interact and work together truly as a herd!

Miniature Donkey

Name: Christmas

Fun Fact: Miniature donkeys are known for their friendly and affectionate nature, often forming strong bonds with their human caretakers.

Christmas was born on Christmas Eve three years ago! Her mother didn’t take to her, so she was rescued by a veterinary team member who bottle-fed her and saved her life. After that, we had the pleasure of meeting her and brought her to M.O.M.S to become the matriarch of the M.O.M.S animal family!

Miniature Pony

Name: Blondie

Fun Fact: Miniature ponies are not just charming companions; they’re also incredibly intelligent and quick learners. Their small size doesn’t hinder their ability to grasp new tricks and commands, making them versatile and engaging partners for various activities.

Blondie might be small in size, but our sassy little equine friend proves that big personalities come in small packages! With her confident and spirited nature, she adds a dash of sass to our zoo, reminding us that even the tiniest hooves can leave a big impression.

Zebu Cow

Name: Mary

Fun Fact: Zebu cows are known for their distinctive humps and are well-adapted to warm climates, making them a common sight in tropical regions.

Everyone loves Mary! She is so sweet and just has an old soul about her! She is a year and a half and is as wise as she is playful! If you watch carefully, you may see her giving some of the other animals a lick! She likes to make sure that all the animals are looking their best and can be seen grooming some of her friends throughout the day!


Name: Victoria

Fun Fact: While peacocks are known for their vibrant plumage, peahens are their female counterparts, known for their more subtle but equally elegant appearance.

Victoria is one of our shyest and prettiest members of the Petting Zoo! She has a regal air but is more than happy to chase blueberries! Stay tuned as we are getting her a mate very soon, and we look forward to this next phase of life for her! Don’t worry we won’t make her share her blueberries!

As you embark on your journey through M.O.M.S Petting Zoo, I encourage you to engage with these incredible creatures, learn about their unique characteristics, and enjoy the magic of our animal kingdom. Each one of our animals has a story to tell, and we’re excited to have you join us in celebrating their beauty and diversity.

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